Consumer Products

IRIMs industry experts on the consumer product industry provide our clients market focussed, non-conventional strategies that work. We concentrate on the requirements that are specific to the industry and work in partnership on a wide range of issues like supply chain management and to strategic decision making. This enables us to cover the whole consumer products value chain. In the consumer product industry no strategy stays good forever and this is why we rely on thorough market analysis while building solutions.

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The trick of making a good business plan work in the changing market environment is through having a robust methodology to deploy a developed strategy with a strong and responsive reporting system. We have helped our clients’ engage the whole organization towards corporate goals.


IRIM unique methodologies to assess cost of operations have helped organizations achieve a higher bottom line and more cost competitive products.


Management of product suppliers and service providers is a formidable task and proven key to success for companies manufacturing consumer products. We have immense expertise in this area.

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