Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Committee

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In our journey towards achieving our global vision to generate and promote effective manufacturing best practices and ideas we have always relied on industry networking. This is accomplished through our active and engaging "Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Committee". Hundreds of leaders from manufacturing companies play an active role in this committee to learn, share and reflect on ideas which will help build stronger manufacturing competitiveness.

The membership for this Committee has been classified into four key categories namely individual membership, institutional membership, subject matter experts and think-tanker.

The Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Committee (GMCC) is an association with a global membership from organizations around the world. These include manufacturing companies from Automotive, Healthcare, Food and Consumer Products, Heavy Engineering, Industrial Goods, Construction Material, Metals and Mining, Chemicals.

New members join GMCC to have access of the wide range of resources available at International Research Institute for Manufacturing and also to network with companies that are leaders globally in their respective businesses.

Small investors are well-represented in the GMCC and are given the right guidance through the ambassador program. Members meet annually in a member’s only summit to discuss relevant industry issues and focus on educating best practices to improve manufacturing competitiveness. The GMCC will continue to focus on promoting these unique benefits.

Prospective members should review the membership brochure and contact us through