New trends of health insurance, regulatory norms and intense competition dominate the evolution of the healthcare sector. With more USFDA and UN approved manufacturing sites in developing markets like India and China, shorter lead times of product development will be a result of the organizations ability to leverage low cost resources in India and China for more than just the cost factor. IRIM’s approach to challenges faced by healthcare product manufacturers focusses directly on building robust management processes that could deliver strong results without tampering the unique value proposition of each organization.

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Historically the health care sector has been influenced by compliance pressures. Most organizations, constraint performance to avoid compliance risk. A technically deep and data driven process improvement methodology such as Six Sigma has proven track record among leading pharmaceutical companies.


To bring in greater creativity organizations seek to upgrade their approach towards greater collaboration, remuneration and workplace dynamics. We have helped our clients harvest the best ideas from their employees and associates.


Nationalized healthcare schemes implemented in traditionally insurance-powered healthcare markets is forcing manufacturers to seek for low cost solutions and adapt to demand fluctuations. Our clients work with us in optimizing their cost and using it as a key competitive factor.

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