Heavy Engineering

Heavy engineering covers a vast range of products and applications. Regardless of their industry specialization most companies face frugal competition. Due to the diverse nature of this industry, there is no one standard methodology to enrich our clients. Our projects with companies of the heavy engineering industry have hybrid solutions with best practices taken from a variety of similar and other manufacturing environments.

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In many cases, each order is unique in the heavy engineering sector. For each product the company requires to evolve specific manufacturing process to cater the quality, cost and delivery demands of customers. Consultants at IRIM have helped clients implement a robust, all-rounded product / process development procedure.


Heavy engineering companies in many instances are caught up in a dilemma on whether or not to invest in a particular type of product or application because of the uncertainty in the demand. We conduct effective industry studies to help companies make such investment decisions.


Industries such as the power, defence, nuclear and other large scale low volume projects often rely on the know-how of their employees and associates. We have help companies to leverage this know-how into demonstrated order-winning propositions.

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