India Green Manufacturing Challenge

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IGMC is an awarding platform that is designed to recognize manufacturing firms that have shown consistent progress in improving sustainability factors associated to a manufacturing facility.

The Program’s Mission

"To engage Indian manufacturing facilities in a competitive program on the adoption of green manufacturing practices through training, evaluation and recognition."

Our Promise

We will deliver an enriching experience for your manufacturing team with a motive to generate an actionable roadmap for a greener facility and they will have more reasons to believe in green manufacturing.

The 5 reasons your organization should be part of IGMC 2024 are

  • Adopt Global Best Practices in Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Thought Provoking employee engagement and positive reinforcement to your ESG goals
  • You will receive an award in a grand ceremony amidst your Customers, Investors, Regulators and Communities.
  • The assessment is tailor made for your facility using the Priority Adapt TMonsite Exercise.
  • You can learn, share and deploy industry best practices.

To view Highlights of IGMC 2023 Click here

The ninth edition of IRIM's India Green Manufacturing Challenge was held in strategic partnership with CNBC TV 18 as a 4 part episode covering the IGMC award winners. The ceremony felicitated 90 manufacturing companies across various sectors with distinguished IRIM award, gold, silver and bronze medals. 


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