School for Professional Competence Development

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Competitiveness of an organization denotes its ability to perform amidst other organizations. In the Globalized world geographies are no more barriers for competition. Each manufacturing organization works towards building its unique competitive strategy and in most cases the answers lay in the agility and efficacy of their manufacturing process. It is impossible to achieve such competitiveness through complying with a predefined set of best practices or management process. An organization has to be constantly enriched by the ideas and efforts of well-informed and aptly trained executives. 'Our mission is to create such executives who could take an organization’s competitiveness to a Higher Level'. This helps organizations deliver unmatched value to its stakeholders.

Let it be training, strategic consulting or research at the International Research Institute for Manufacturing we do not rely on standard industry formula. We believe that every organization and industry leader is unique and solutions for them have to be tailor made through thorough analysis and technical commitment.

We have presence in more than twelve nations spanning in more than four continents. Our global outreach ensures that we have the infrastructure to tap the best ideas across the globe.

At IRIM we constantly endeavour to nurture institutional clients and individuals towards the journey of constantly delivering more value to its stakeholders by realizing their competencies and developing a competitive edge in the market.

Our constant endeavour to create tailor-made solution for our client’s needs have helped us build sound reputation and strong relationships. In many cases today we work with them as partners of their growth process. For further details please look into our brochure or contact us through