Strategy Deployment

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Strategy Deployment is the key to managing complexity in a manufacturing environment. Complexity is sometimes necessary and advantageous. What is dangerous is lack of clarity. At IRIM we bring in clarity to an organization and its workforce in all fronts and we do this through our customized methodology to deploy strategy in an organization.

One of key stages in building a strong and successful organization is to engage each person in an organization inline with what the organization’s goals are. This will start from functional managers leading into each operator in a manufacturing shop floor.

Although the planning cycle is annual, you don’t just make the plan and forget about it until next year. An organization needs to review business fundamental metrics at regular intervals to ensure that performance is trending in the right direction. These reviews also give critical insights on whether even the plan is the right plan.

Our implementation plan usually ensures coordination both within and between departments and process owners. Implementation plans are not just the responsibility of an individual completing the lowest-level annual plan. We help each level in the organization carry detailed responsibilities to ensure support for and successful completion of the organization’s plans.

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